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Customer Feedback:

“First, I really want to thank you for assembling a collection of carbide cutters that are specifically for wood turning tools.  You have taken the guess work out of trying to source cutters from industrial suppliers that fit and are sharpened for wood turning.  Although I am only a hobby turner, I look forward to long and enjoyable relationship with you and your company.  I will be sure to put the word out to other turners that I know.” – Brett C.

“Thank you for the great products and the fast delivery. 5 days is fast to the Netherlands.” – Ben B.

“I heard that you guys had great customer service, and it seems that was true.  Thanks for the amazingly quick shipping, and great communication.  I plan to make several carbide tools, so hopefully will be ordering more tips from you.” – Rick S.

“Today I received the cutters you sent me. Thanks again for the swift and perfect transaction! I am sure I will be contacting you in the future for more quality cutters!” – Alex J. (Belgium)

“I can’t thank you enough!  The insert arrived today!  Even earlier than expected. It’s hard to find good customer service these days, but you’re a shining example of it. I will continue to order from you if this lathe tool build works as intended.” – Nick F.

“The two shear cut cutters I ordered a while back worked really great. As I mentioned a while back. I make my own hollowing tools and have modified my main boring bar to accommodate your shear cutter in lieu of the 3/16″ straight cutter I was using.” – John W.

“I purchased a set of your 1/2 tools and love them.  I had previously purchased 10 ft of stainless steel 1/2 square stock in hopes to have someone machine my own tools.  With yours…I no longer have that need.  Would you consider a trade of this bar for some cutters?” – Jeremey C.

“I have had a chance to test out the cutter and I was quite impressed.  I actually turned one sphere with a brand new genuine HUNTER ™ cutter, and then one with one of your cutters and yours seemed to do a better job.  I don’t know if it was just the piece of wood but it seemed to cut smoother.” – Chistopher C.

“Thanks for great service   hopefully more orders will be forthcoming as i am starting to make carbide tipped chisels” – Vance M.

“Just dropping you an update, the carbide finisher you tooled works great. I have been using it quit a bit and agree with Don’s feedback, I gave you a while ago. It works great if not better than the stock one.” – Rick A.

“I just received my first order of inserts from you toady. I wanted to let you know that I have NEVER used a tool as sharp as the one I duped today with your square insert!!! You have my business from now on!!! Thanks for such prompt service and great product!” – Earnie R.

“The cutters arrived today quicker than expected and fit the 1st one with the cap screws you sent brilliant off to do some turning, to test how they are against originals, will be buying all my future cutting tips from yourselves. Perfect service from start to finish,I wish some of the companies I deal with in the UK were as professional as yourselves.”Michael P.

“I received the cutters today.  Thanks for the swift service and excellent quality products.” – Jack S.

“I have used the 12 mm cutter in my Hunter tool a few times each week the past couple of weeks and I am noticing no difference between it and the “originals”. I used it on maple, ziricote, and a rosewood. One bowl and 2 lidded boxes. I am happy with the initial results. The surface produced is as smooth as the originals. Aggressiveness seems the same too. Not noticing it grabbing more or less than what I am used too. I haven’t used them enough to need to rotate them to a new edge but that is a good thing after only 3 vessels/uses.” – Nadine N.

“I have used your cutters and they are as good or better than the name brands. I will be back again, great prices.” – Paul W.

Insight into the woodturning community:

    “I was lead to Azcarbide by a friend of mine from Iowa, Dave L.  Dave and I worked together many years ago cutting timber here in Minnesota. After Dave moved back to his home in Iowa he got crippled up after being hit by a tree. I heard he was having a real hard time and went into deep depression after the accident. Several years past and he was able to get out of the wheel chair and somewhat mobile, very limited. A couple years back I drove down to see him and I took and gave him a small turning lathe and crash course on pen turning. It all gave him a new purpose in life and he has been turning bowls wine glass stems and other things. Really makes me feel good to know I was able to help him out. I am still in the log export business and when out buying logs I also buy black ash burl for resale so I also keep Dave supplied with whatever I have available for turning stock and do it for free of charge. Somethings in life are not about money and money won’t buy happiness but this sort of thing makes me happy. Looking forward to getting the new tools.” – Ross H.

“Thank You! I was able to have some time on the lathe this weekend and used the new square cuter with the rounded corners, Wow what a great cutter. It made it a lot easier to keep from catching and to use it more like a skew. I’m new at turning and have had no training and have had a lot of fun turning small  projects now. Thank you for the great inserts at a fair price for someone like me that is just doing things for fun. You help to make it affordable.” – Ronnie T.

“I recently purchased two of your full size turning tools (Round and Square) and I am as happy as can be with their quality and performance. Thank you for some amazing products.” – Keith S.

“received the carbide tips today I  have them set in my home made handles couldn’t be happier with them the cut and finish is unbelievable I’ve never used carbide before I’ll be back for more tips soon! Thanks for a first rate service!😊” – Damian F.

“Congratulations on your latest detail cutter design for the Easy Wood detailer.  Finally nice to be able to do fine detail work with the carbide unit.  While I have a HSS detailer, your cutter means more turning time and no sharpening (which is not an easy free-hand with the HSS one).  Thanks also for your prompt service on what is admittedly a very small order.” – Rick H.

“I was able to try out my new tool this weekend and wanted to give you my opinion on it. Quite frankly, it is a fantastic tool. It cuts like a dream and it seems to hold and edge really well. For the price, I haven’t found anything that can beat it. The only different between it and the name brand, red handled tools everyone talks about is the the handle itself. You know, their handle is a little nicer. But, unless I am using the tools all wrong, I have never turned a bowl with a handle. Your handle is solid and does exactly what it should do.” -Doug B.



Customer Project Photos:

Larry H Tools & Projects

Larry H. from IL, carbide tools he made & beautiful turnings

Con W. Mesquite Bowls

Con W. Mesquite Bowls

Flemmish Wood Turning Guild

Flemish Wood Turning Guild

Ed W. Hollow Form

Ed W. Hollow Form

Lyndal A. Hollow Form

Lyndal A. Hollow Form

Tim E. CNC Turning Segmented Lamp

Tim E. CNC Segmented Lamp

Larry L. Pen from USS Forrestal timber

Larry L. Turned This Pen From USS Forrestal Timber

Rami C. Mid Size Turning Tool

Rami M. Mid-Size Turning Tool

Stephen G. Vase From Plywood

Stephen G. Turns Vase From Plywood

Nikitas S. Olive Wood Bowl

Shelly K. Carbide Tool Set

Shelly K. Carbide Tool Set

Gary H. Reverse Turnings

Gary H. Reverse Turning

Tom H. Neighbor drops off large burl

Tom H. Large Burl

Ed W. Hollow Form

Ed W. Hollow Form

Lyndal A. Hollow Form

Lyndal A. Hollow Form

Segment Lamp - Sun Valley Resort

Segment Lamp – Sun Valley Resort

Gary C. Turns 3 Segmented Spoon Bowls From Same Blanks

Gary C. Turns 3 Segmented Spoon Bowls From Same Blank

Mark M. Fishing Lures

Mark M. Turns “Cedar Plugs” Fishing Lures”

Rian J Collection

Rian J. Turning Collection

Larry P. Urn

Larry P. Segmented Urn