8mm Round Carbide Shear Insert RD8S Fits 2 Tool


  • 8mm (.315”) approx. 5/16″ Diameter
  • 3.20mm (.126”) 1/8″ Thickness
  • 7° Cutting Angle
  • M3 x 0.5 x 8mm  Mounting Screw Supplied
  • This cutter fits #2 Osprey Hunter Tool and other hollowing tools
  • Used on Vermec Sphere Jig

This is a 8mm round carbide shear cutter. The shear cutter has a rake angle that allows for smooth aggressive cutting and wood removal. Tools for this cutter are offered by JC Tool, and Hunter Tools, #2 OspreyTool. Bowl and vessel wood turners find these tools beneficial. Like many woodturning tools the shear cutter has a learning curve to achieve the best results.