SWAT Aug 25th to the 28th . We will be in Waco and there will be no shipment at that time !

Supplying affordable, quality, carbide inserts and cutters to woodturners worldwide.

We offer round, square, radius, and diamond shaped carbide inserts and cutters that fit many of the commercial woodturning tools from companies like, Penn State Industries, Harrison Specialties, Craft Suppliers, Woodchuck Lathe Tools, Carbide Wood Turning Tools, and Sorby, among others.

All of our inserts and cutters are manufactured to our specifications using high grade carbide with micro-grain size of 0.7-1.0 µm. These micro-grains are combined with a 10% binder that yields a hardness of 1650 HV10. They are then finely ground to a razor cutting edge with toughness and durability for long-lasting, smooth cutting in the most dense hardwoods.

Shipments will NOT be made March 16-21 . Please plan purchases around these dates, and thank you for your patronage!

*Most orders are packaged and shipped 3-5 days, and are shipped USPS with a $3.00 flat rate. International orders are welcome, but require more shipping and handling time, are $15.00 flat rate

Please contact us for volume and woodturning club pricing!


AZ Carbide was purchased by professional woodturner Ronald G Campbell and his wife Lana.  Both retired in 2007 as they sold their business in the garment industry.  Ron quickly picked up woodturning as a hobby.  In 2008 Ron became a tool consultant for Carter Products of Walker MI.   Since then Ron has established himself in the woodturning world and several galleries around the country .  Both of us know what it is to provide customer service to make a successful business.

Thanks to all who made it out to our WOODTURNING RETREAT!

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